• Atelier Doré Is. Christina!

    Il y a 6 mois - Par Garance Doré

    Christina Holevas , Style & Content Editor
    Where are you from?
    I'm a Jersey girl.
    Do you have a nickname?
    So many. X, X-Tina, CH, Teens, Teeny, Chris, Chri Chri. I really hate being called Tina but I have some friends who insist on doing so anyway.
    What's your sign?
    Virgo, with Sagittarius rising (I'm told that is an important distinction).
    Describe yourself in 3 words.
    Relaxed but stubborn.
    Describe what you do at Atelier Doré in one sentence.
    I'm your girl for all things fashion.
    Ideal weekend includes...
    Waking up on the early side but spending an hour or two in bed , coffee, bagels...
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